We stock guitars for all levels, beginner packs to handmade works of art!

With over 50 makes in stock ranging from starter guitars at €65 to hand made Furch guitars which range up to €1500. But that’s not all, we have a huge variety of guitars types too, whether it be  Banjos, Ukeleles, Mandolins or even Bouzoukis there is something here for everyone.
  • All sorts of guitars ranging from beginners to professionals.
  • We stock more than just acoustic guitars, you name it we’ve got it!!
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Acoustic guitars, Galway

Acoustic Guitars




Electric Guitar Combos


Electric guitar packs by Encore; the perfect gift for the beginner guitarist. New packs in stock in time for Christmas from €199

We Stock The Best Guitars In Town At Unbeatable Prices!!

From Furch to Crafter, there is a guitar in our store to suit any kind of skill level at any kind of budget, just Contact Us for more deatails