Massive Range of Traditional Tin Whistles

Tin Whistles

  • We have a vast range of whistles in stock. They progress from beginner to professional. Prices start from 5.95 upward. Models of whistles are Generation, Feaadog, Oak, Tony Dixon, Clarke and chieftain Low Whistles.
  • Generation, Feadog and Oak are standard Tin Whistles which can be purchased in various colour and keys.
  • Tony Dixon progress to a more professional standar. The beginner whistle, Tunable & Non – Tunable in polymer material. Also nickel and brass tunable and non – tunable are available.
  • Our Chieftain Low Whistles are of the Feadog range, typically of an alloy material.
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Tin Whistles for sale in Cork and Galway

Massive Range of Thin and Low Whistles in Stock