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Lanikai LU-21B LU Series Baritone Ukulele

Whether you are a first time player just starting out, an acoustic multi-instrumentalist looking to expand your palette, or simply looking for a ukulele that’s affordable and high-quality, the Lanikai LU-21B LU Series Baritone Ukulele is the perfect ukulele for you. The LU series is one of the most popular ukulele series on the market, and for good reason. It’s affordable, easy to play, and comes with an instruction manual for beginners.


The body of this concert ukulele is made of over-ply ziricote wood, which gives the instrument a warm tone with a darker tone in addition to its impressive appearance. The walnut fingerboard is fitted with eighteen frets, with position markers for easy orientation. The instrument's wider neck and zero fret offer comfortable fingerboard feel and movement, while the NuBone XB saddle and zero fret provide good string sustain. Tuning stability is guaranteed by the high-quality open chrome-plated mechanics. The visual impression is accentuated by the maple rosette and binding (body and fingerboard), which contrast beautifully with the colour of the ziricote wood. The ukulele comes with a gig bag with 10 mm thick padding. The instrument is equipped with high quality Fishman Kula electronics with integrated tuner. The Lanikai ukulele will please demanding musicians and beginners who demand quality from the very first notes with its reliability, design and good playability.