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Irish Rosewood Flute in D

This high quality Irish Flute is made from a high grain Rose wood material which has a high resistance to moisture  8 holes in the key of D The tuning Head or slide can be adjusted for tuning in hot and cold venues. The tuning head also prevents moisture from your breath getting into the wood and forms part of the brass inner lining which runs 8" inside the bore. The joints are sealed with cork gaskets and a stainless steel rings to form the joint. The internal bore is lightly oiled to prevent drying out and The cork joint are greased for air tight connection The 8 hole Irish flute is in the key of D and is easy to fill, given a beautiful woody tone

The Irish (Cocuswood) Flute with Foam Lined Box

The NEW McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute Cocuswood has always been considered one of the finest tonewoods and was used extensively for woodwind instruments in the 19th century. The NEW McNeela Irish Cocuswood Flute is perfect for intermediate players and beginners who want just a little more from their starter flute. This cocuswood flute is exceptionally smooth to play, with a full, bright and richly complex tone featuring an improved tonal quality and an even better low D. "My Cocuswood Flute is probably the best premium beginner flute on the Irish flute market today, a really special flute to play" - Paraic McNeela Key features of the New McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute Key of D. 8 Tone Holes. Tuning Slide for pitch adjustment. New & Improved bright, rich tone. Very smooth to play. Comes with a stylish shock-proof foam-lined hard case perfect for transporting and storing. New & Improved Strong Low D.

The Lon Dubh Polymer Irish Flute with Foam Lined Box

The Lon Dubh flute produces a strong clear tone, making it ideal for traditional Irish music sessions. It's made from Delrin - an incredibly durable polymer material is extremely dense and gives great resonance, as well as consistency of tone, and an excellent range. This robust polymer flute is at home in any climate and is virtually maintenance free. This is a quality flute that produces a great tone and will ensure that the student's progress is not limited by an inferior beginner instrument

McNeela African Blackwood Flute with Foam Lined Box

  • Powerful sound full of character
  • Takes air easily
  • Very Responsive
  • Beautiful intonation, complex overtones & big volume thanks to the African Blackwood
  • Little adjustment needed to keep it in tune
  • Strong low D
  • Effortless 2nd octave
  • Tuned to standard concert pitch A440
  • Cork Lapped Joints
  • Key of D
  • 8 tone holes (2 are decorative)
  • Comes with a free top quality foam-lined flute box
  • 14-Day Money Back Trial Period - No Quibbles

The Cygnet Irish Rosewood Flute with Foam Lined Box

  • Designed for traditional Irish music
  • Best value beginner flute
  • Easy to play
  • Powerful Low D
  • Good volume
  • Mellow, woody tones
  • Superb intonation
  • Beautiful traditional finish
  • Perfect for ‘trying out’ the wooden flute style