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GD11M-NS All Mahogony

 Dreadnought acoustic guitar Laminated mahogany body for a warm and powerful sound image Ideal for strumming and flatpicking with powerful


Specifications Top Mahogany Back Mahogany Sides Mahogany Neck Mahogany Finger Board Laurel Nut Width (42.5 mm)

GD72CE-BSB- Jumbo Cutaway

GD A distinguished acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar with a refined and contemporary look, the GD93CE features a solid top and special back construction, giving it an upscale feel and distinctive sound. For players seeking stage-worthy features and an uncommon look, the GD93CE features a solid spruce top, black walnut/maple sides, and a beautiful three-piece black walnut/maple back. The slim mahogany neck and 12”-radius bound laurel fingerboard provide great feel and playability, while the onboard Takamine TK-40D preamp system gives you a built-in tuner, three-band EQ and gain controls, mid contour switch, notch filter, and EQ bypass switch for the ultimate in versatility and sound quality. Other premium features include maple body, neck and headstock binding; dark wood rosette and body purfling; synthetic bone nut and split bridge saddle; laurel headcap; abalone dot inlays; gold die-cast tuners with black buttons; and a beautiful gloss finish. Available in Natural.93CE DREADNOUGHT The most popular body shape of the past half century, the Dreadnought delivers a strong low end with plenty of volume.

GJ72CE- Sunburst- Jumbo

With its mighty jumbo body style, solid-top construction, stunning cosmetic features and premium electronics, the GJ72CE is a commanding acoustic/electric guitar that is built to perform.Featuring a solid spruce top and flame maple back and sides, the GJ72CE produces all the volume and robust sound that players expect from a jumbo guitar. The slim mahogany neck and 12”-radius bound laurel fingerboard provide great feel and playability, while the onboard Takamine TK-40D preamp system gives you a built-in tuner, three-band EQ and gain controls, mid contour switch, notch filter and EQ bypass switch for the ultimate in versatility and sound quality.Other great features include a synthetic bone nut and split bridge saddle, laurel headcap, abalone rosette, abalone "reversed mountain" inlay at the 12th fret, gold die-cast tuners with pearl buttons, and a beautiful gloss finish.

GN11M-NS Mahogany with Cutaway body (Dreadnought)

The G11M=NS0 is a beautiful cutaway dreadnought-style acoustic guitar with special tonewood that offers a new take on this classic body style. For players looking for a different sound, the GD11M combines a Mahogany top with mahogany back and sides to produce a warm, detailed tone that works beautifully for a wide range of musical styles. The legendary TP-4T Preamp provides an effortless and realistic acoustic tone to help anyone take to to the stage anytime, anywhere.

GN51CE-BSB Sunburst

Specifications Top Solid Spruce Back Black Walnut Sides Black Walnut Neck Mahogany Finger Board Laurel Nut Width 1.6875″ (42.8 mm)


The TAKAMINE GN51CELH NEX Electro-Acoustic is one striking instrument. Showcased with a sublime natural finish, the NEX body - a Takamine exclusive - lends itself to smooth, effortless playability whilst its bold, silky voice carries each chord with clarity. ✓ Rosewood back and sides produce a brilliantly balanced tone ✓ Deliver sublime clarity and incredible dynamics courtesy of a spruce top ✓ A guitar with exceptionally comfortable playability, all thanks to the NEX shape ✓ Plug in, amp up, and sculpt your sound with the TP-4TD preamp



TAKAMINE GN71CE-NAT NEX Electro-Acoustic Guitar

  The TAKAMINE GN71CE NEX Electro-Acoustic guitar is striking in every way. With a beautiful natural finish, the NEX body radiates beauty in both looks and sound, granting you a mesmerising performance from start to finish. With a bold, silky voice, the NEX shape is perfect for guitarists wanting a slightly more compact instrument that doesn’t sacrifice a touch of those full-bodied sonic qualities that come with larger guitars. And it's comfortable to play too, so you can perform with complete effortlessness whatever your style. As well as its gorgeous NEX shape, the GN71CE Electro-Acoustic guitar has a beautiful tonewood construction that promises truly glorious tones. Rosewood back and sides are teamed with a solid spruce top, resulting in sparkling, rich sound with an even response across the whole frequency range, giving you even more musical freedom. And it's stage-ready too thanks to the TK-40D preamp which allows you to shape your tone with incredible precision. Its extensive controls will give you a sound like no other. Immerse yourself in the playing experience that only Takamine can provide.


The Takamine GN77KCE Electro-Acoustic comes bursting with exotic tonal flavour and boasts a comfortable, player-friendly feel. ✓ Takamine's original NEX body delivers the ultimate balance with a silky-smooth character ✓ Explore a shimmering natural live sound thanks to Takamine's built-in electronics ✓ Works beautifully as a vocal accompaniment - ideal for any singer-songwriter ✓ Classy gold hardware and eye-catching rosette creates breathtaking stage presence

GY93E – New Yorker

Specifications BODY SHAPENew Yorker TOPSolid Spruce BACKBlack Walnut/Quilt Maple SIDESBlack Walnut NECKMahogany FINGERBOARDLaurel FINISHGloss Natural ELECTRONICSTK-40D NUT WIDTH42.8mm SCALE LENGTH644mm

TAKAMINE GN11MCE-NS G Series 11 All Mahogany Nex Cutaway Body



  • - Top: Mahogany
  • - Back: Mahogany
  • - Sides: Mahogany
  • - Neck: Mahogany
  • - Fingerboard: Laurel
  • - Nut Width: (42.5 mm)
  • - Electronics: Takamine TP-4T
  • - Finish: Satin Natural

Takamine GN20CE-NS

The Takamine GN20CE NS2 is a good choice for musicians looking for a warm and powerful sound with direct response. Thanks to a solid cedar wood top and a body made of mahogany, this Nex resonates with warm and clear basses, vocal and nuanced mids, as well as silvery highs. This makes the Takamine GD20CE NS2 ideal for light strumming or fingerstyle. Chrome-plated die-cast mechanisms are available for tuning stability, while a compensated Graph Tech TUSQ bridge inlay ensures clean intonation and a flat string position. The built-in Takamine TP-4TD preamp system includes a tuner, a 3-band EQ and a volume control, making the experienced guitarist well equipped for the stage. The slender mahogany neck and 12″ Ovangkol fingerboard are comfortable to hold and provide a pleasant playing experience.