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Flight DUC323 EQ Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele

The Flight DUC323 is a concert-sized ukulele made from laminate mahogany, giving it a warm and resonant sound. Do not let the “sober” look of mahogany fool you, though—mahogany ukuleles, especially those fitted with an arched back like the DUC323, know how to growl! And since this uke is fitted with a Flight pickup, it can growl even louder! And since this uke is fitted with a Flight pickup, it can growl even louder!

Flight DUC440 Acacia Concert Ukulele

Flight’s DUC440 is a concert ukulele made from laminate acacia. Acacia is in the same family as Hawaiian koa. If you’re looking for the real ‘island sound’, and at an affordable price, this is the uke for you!

Flight NUC200 Teak Concert Ukulele

The Flight NUC200 Teak Concert Ukulele redefines the meaning of “beginner ukulele.”  They are made from laminate Indonesian teak, offering great punch, volume, and tone.  If you learn how to play with these ukuleles, you will question if you ever need to upgrade to a “better” ukulele.  The neck is made from meranti, another Indonesian wood, and the fretboard is made from nandu.  Both models feature a wide 38mm nut to offer you more space and comfort while you learn how to play those new chords. A Flight ukulele isn’t a Flight ukulele if it doesn’t include a nice gig bag. This may be your first uke; it may not be your only uke; but it will be your companion for years—at campfires, on the beach, during nature hikes, on your couch, and by your bedside. Our teak ukuleles will be an unfailing companion that will help you grow from ukulele novice to ukulele master.  We love these teak ukuleles, and you will, too!

Flight NUC310 Concert Ukulele Pack

Our bestselling NUC310 now comes in a bundle! Inside the box you will find: our signature Flight gigbag, instructional booklet and Flight FTC-33 tuner with color display. Small in size, big in sound. Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, the NUC310 is one of the best entry-level ukuleles in the market today. Thanks to its warm sound, low maintenance, and flawless intonation, the NUC310 is a perfect instrument for a beginner and a quality addition to any ukulele collection.

Flight NUS350 Dreamcatcher Soprano Ukulele

Perhaps our craziest ukulele to date, the NUS350 DC is a rebellious twin brother of the NUS310. Just how gorgeous is the engraving of a dreamcatcher on this ukulele? Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, the NUS350 is the ukulele of your dreams!

Flight TUS-70 Travel Soprano Ukulele, Irish Flag

  • Sublime finish with punchy sound
  • Bright tone and immense strength from ABS back
  • Beautiful aesthetic created by Eire finish
  • Includes quality gigbag for all your travelling needs