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The Larrivee OM 40 is a core model from Larrivee’s Mahogany Legacy Series, using as its basis the 14-fret neck-to-body join OM Body. Offering superior note separation and balance compared to a dreadnought, while maintaining the projection of the 14th fret join, this body is viewed by many as the acoustic guitar sweet spot. The pinched waist and shallower body have the side benefit of increased seated playing comfort. Sitka Spruce and Mahogany are staples of acoustic guitar construction. The robust and clean response produced by this tone wood combination particularly endears itself to performing musicians. Larrivee’s "Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid" bracing design brings the best of this already-outstanding combination. A non-symmetrical scalloped lateral cross-bracing pattern has been blended with Larrivee’s tried and true balanced X-Brace system. The result is maximum strength using the least amount of material. It's a build that allows even further vibration of the soundboard, while still offering a controlled dynamic bass response. Larrivee prides itself on being plugged in to the entire process of producing a finished, hand-made guitar, from log selection on the forest floor to final quality control in their Oxnard, California workshop. Their aim to build not the most guitars, but the best, is evident on the OM-40. Hand selection of the woods has ensured that the top, back and sides perform optimally together. Traditional aesthetics, punctuated by intricate rope binding, open-back tuners and diamond inlays to the fretboard, complete the package.